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Baggage Policy

Baggage Policy

Damaged Baggage Policy

If your luggage has been damaged, you must notify a BVI Airways representative before leaving the airport as this substantiates that the damage occurred while in our care. Based on the extent of your damage, we will take a report. A written claim must be submitted within seven (7) days. Please note: BVI Airways assumes no liability for damage such as scratches, scuffs, dents, cuts, wheels, handles, pockets, locks, zippers, pull straps, or damage due to over-packing, manufacturer's defects and as a result of the bag's contents. Additionally, the airline is not liable for any damage resulting from inspections by the authorities responsible for security screening.

BVI Airways will not accept claim for damage (to repair and replace) if the baggage tagged is "Limited Release Tag"; also, damage resulting from over-packing or over weight will not be covered (own risk).

When filing a Baggage Claim you are required to submit your Property Irregularity Report (PIR) which will be supplied by the BVI Airways staff or handling agent, Claim Form (see download link below) , copy of your boarding pass and baggage tags. The time bar rules apply: 21 days for delayed and 7 days for damaged bags.

Important: BVI Airways assume no liability for loss, damage or delay to money, jewellery, perishables, negotiable paper, securities, documents/certificates (business, medical, travel, education), samples, paintings, antiques, artefacts, manuscripts , irreplaceable books or publications, medication, keys, cameras and other photographic or movie equipment, working papers (files, studies, reference material, correspondence, theses etc.), or other similar valuables, fragile items, electronic equipment (videos, stereos, computers).

The liability for baggage loss, damage or pilferage is limited per kilo for checked baggage.

Please review the Conditions of Carriage.

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