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BVI Airways Is Now Open For Business

To Begin Intra-Caribbean Charter Service. Exploring Regularly Scheduled Intra-Caribbean Service

Road Town, Tortola – BVI Airways recently received its revised Air Operator Certificate (AOC) from its U.K.-based regulator, Air Safety Support International. The AOC grants BVI Airways authority to immediately begin operating its two Avro RJ 100 jet aircraft from Beef Island airport in Tortola, BVI.

“BVI Airways is now open for business.” said Jerry Willoughby, President and CEO of BVI Airways. “We have already received a number of intra-Caribbean charter requests and with our extra capacity are very interested in taking on this business. BVIA is also looking to develop regularly scheduled service between the BVI and other Caribbean international gateways. There are many opportunities to add flights to markets such as Anguilla, the Cayman Islands, Barbados, Antigua, St. Maarten, and Turks and Caicos. These markets are ripe for faster service, more comfortable planes, increased reliability and improved safety. Our modern fleet of 86-passenger British Aerospace Avro RJ 100’s have the unique ability to land and take off from runways far shorter than most other jet airliners. Many attractive Caribbean destinations lack the airport capacity to support large-scale commercial airlift and have thus been forced to limit both the passenger volume and routes to small, noisy, and less comfortable propeller-driven airplanes.”

In addition to intra-Caribbean service, BVI Airways has filed with the United States Department of Transportation and Homeland Security to obtain the necessary approvals to fly into the U.S. with an eye toward beginning its much-anticipated scheduled non-stop jet service between Tortola and Miami.

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