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Frequently Asked Questions

1What type of aircraft does BVI Airways fly?
BVI Airways flies British Aerospace Avro Regional Jets. These are proven, British-made, 4 engine planes that 86 to 97 passengers. The high power-to-weight ratio is what allows these planes to land and takeoff safely at Beef Island/EIS. These planes are well-known for their safety and reliability. While many of you might not be familiar them, the cabin dimensions are virtually the same as a Boeing 737.
2What will your flight schedule be?
Ticket sales will start soon. Once started, flights can be conveniently found using our booking page.
3How long will the flights be?
The Avro Regional Jet flies at over 450 mph, with a cruising altitude of 31,000 feet, so the flights between Miami and Tortola will only require about 2.5 hours of flight time.
4Are these planes new?
Avro Regional Jets were built in the late 1980’s to mid 1990’s – still quite young in “airplane years”. The aircraft have been thoroughly inspected in accordance with our approved maintenance program and have been completely refurbished. Additionally, our planes are equipped with the latest in avionics and navigation instruments.
5Will BVIA be offering a Frequent Flier program?
With only one route, we feel that a FF program would be of little benefit to our loyal customers. The details are still being worked out, but we fully understand that our best customers deserve to have their loyalty rewarded. We will also be developing corporate rates for firms that require a certain volume of seats.
6What will your baggage policies be?
Virtually all airlines charge for baggage these days, and we want to make it as easy as possible for consumers to compare “apples to apples”. Our baggage charges will be at industry standard rates.
7Will you be code-sharing with other airlines?
We are in discussions with most of the major airlines to arrange interline agreements with them. We are excited for the many upcoming possibilities and will announce interline agreements with individual carriers as they are formalized.
8Will BIVA be offering in-flight meals?
In coach, we’ll have snacks, beverages and adult beverages available for purchase. Of course, you’re welcome to bring aboard food and non-alcoholic beverages. purchased at the airport. Passengers in the business class cabin will be offered complimentary cocktails and gourmet food choices.
9How can I find out more about BVIA as things develop?
That’s easy. Keep checking back here on the website for all the latest developments as we will be updating it continuously. Also, like us on Facebook. We’ll be posting updates and news there as well.

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