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Aircraft Seats

Our seats are designed for comfort and our pitch ensures you won’t feel hemmed in as on other RJ’s with comparable seating. As the Avro RJ-100 interior cabin space is almost equivalent to that of a B737, our cabin feels spacious and not cramped.

Coach Class:

Coach class is configured in a 2-3 seating layout. Why does this matter? Some airlines configure coach class in a 3-3 layout, which generally means the seat has to be smaller in order to fit, and the aisle becomes much narrower. For you, our coach customer, you will enjoy a roomier and more comfortable coach class experience. All of our seats are leather, and all have extra room for magazine storage. The majority of our coach class seats are either window or aisle with fewer middle seats (but book early to be sure you get your first choice!).

Exit Row Seating:

One of the many ways our aircraft is unique is that there are no exit row seats on our plane. What this means for us is that we do not have to block the recline capability of the seats in front of the exit. What it means for you is that you don’t have to worry about ever being assigned a seat that does not recline. No more having to listen to endless announcements about who can and can’t sit there! Every coach seat reclines. We think that’s great!

We have designed a cabin layout to ensure your comfort; with legroom and seat width that are unparalleled in the sunny skies over the BVI!

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